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Image by Nic Y-C


A picture paints a thousand words. So here are some visuals I've created to illustrate cultivating emotional intelligence through connecting the limbic system to the pre-frontal cortex, using nature as inspiration. What would your above and below look like?

The EQ Sunflower of Self-Love

Move from living unconsciously in the darkness below the soil to being a bright beautiful sunflower.

The pre-frontal cortex is represented by the sunflower's head.

The leaves contain the nutrients of being given and feeling safe, secure, seen and supported, allowing the sunflower to bloom into being what it is.

Born Sullivan EQ Sunflower.png

The sunflower is living in the light with everything it needs to thrive and create beauty.

The roots (limbic system) connect through the stem and the leaves with the sunflower head (pre-frontal cortex) continually communicating to maintain the perfect system for the sunflower to flourish.

The limbic system of the brain is represented by the roots in the soil, below earth.

When the roots are given the nourishment and best environment to grow - represented by the rays from the sun - the sunflower will grow and expand into the light.

Inspired by Dan Siegel's Hand Brain Model

The EQ Cherry Tree of Dating, Sex, Love and Relationships

Move from low-level interactions to a higher state of love and relationships

We weren't born to live in the roots of the cherry tree, in fear, in the darkness, tolerating, unloved, fearful or anxious. We were born to grow into love-filled, juicy, fruity, emotionally connected and aware individuals.


Aligned with our true selves we listen to who we are, we are self-aware, empathic and glazed in self love. We give and receive love and unity with another that is real, sugar-coated in mutual respect, moving forward together at a pace we are equally happy with, watering vulnerability with care, stemming from a deeply cultivated emotional connection. 


Two cherries joined by stems of feeling and being safe, seen, secure and supported.

White Modern Aesthetic Illustration Motivation Instagram Post(5).png

Inspired by Dan Siegel's Hand Brain Model

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