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Storytelling is powerful

We communicate through stories. This may be especially true for those who aren't used to, don't know how to, or don't feel comfortable talking about their emotions or who don't know how to regulate or keep them in check!

If you are a practitioner, a teacher, if you work with children, you are a parent, or maybe you are an adolescent, young adult, or a mature adult, stories could provide you with a tool to help others or yourself.


I believe emotional intelligence is crucial for a healthier, happier more resilient life as we navigate the inevitable highs and low. Together we can help cultivate good enough EQ in us all, to notice the signs that this skill is needed and to inspire the confidence and motivation to keep strengthening this essential life skill.

If you would like me to write a story, or a blog around the vast area of emotional intelligence, please get in touch to discuss your project with me.

Please use the contact form to work with me, or to ask any questions you may have.

Work with me

Short stories/Flash fiction

A short story or a piece of flash fiction could be used to convey a message that you need to share with your audience. This could be in your organisation, your website, you need a ghost-writer for an idea you have, or it could be a blog or something you want to read to an audience - children or adults.

Whatever your story is, we will work together to realise your idea and  bring it to life.

Content, Blogs, Articles

If you need your words to be injected with emotion that strikes a balance between strength and vulnerability, empathy and courage, or direct and hopeful, I can help you. 

I have a passion for language and an empathy for the human condition born from my own journey of self-awareness and growth from living with an underdeveloped EQ to something more akin to a good enough level of emotional intelligence.

I know how to help you speak to your audience and will work with you to find the right tone and balance.

Copywriting for Marketing

If you have a business and you need a writer to sprinkle some  creative magic onto your marketing efforts, go ahead and get in touch with me.

My marketing experience spans almost twenty five years and I have written all manner of marketing materials. Whether it's a traditional piece of direct mail or copy for your website, I can help you with it all.

Click the button below to start the ball rolling.

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