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The Conversation

jaxx sullivan

30 May 2023

I tried to tell you how I was feeling

I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you

I was feeling scared

I know I didn’t protect you

I felt like I was alone

I should have kept you company

I needed a hug

I’m sorry I neglected you

I thought it was my fault

I’m glad you now know it wasn’t

I wasn’t very nice to people sometimes

It’s ok, you did your best without me there

I was ashamed, I made a fool of myself

I wish I’d been there to stop you

I thought I needed to earn love

I am so sorry I did that to you

All I wanted was for you to love me

I’m sorry, I know I never did

I need you to love me now

I do, more than you’ll ever know

Will you promise me you’ll never leave me again

With all my heart, I am with you always.

©jaxx sullivan 2023

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