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The Awakened Rose

jaxx sullivan

30 May 2023

Curled up, inside a dusty glass bottle

The unopened rose yet to bloom

Gentle wilting cries go unheard

Muffled in a hazy grey vacuum

Choked by pathways, melting into patterns

Rooted to a crumpled and useless map

Stumbling into dead ends and roundabouts

Dragged down, down further pushed under

Coated in concrete floods of confused unknowing


Slowly dragged from the bottom shelf

Scratching and scraping over bumpy terrain

Hours become days, years that come and go like a tidal wave

Pushing and pulling on tiny grains of understanding

As the dull, cold fog evaporates particle by particle

Piece by piece, the entangled puzzle unravels

Lights illuminate, from flickering to glowing

As the soft delicate petals part and unfold

The new born awakened rose.

© jaxx sullivan 2023 all rights reserved

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