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Taste Life

jaxx sullivan

21 May 2023

How can a taste move you, presented on the plate,

The past slurps around inside the heavy bowl,

From a kitchen to the hotel, the here, to then,

Stood in Scotland, head in Spain, islands apart.

You write Mallorca, or is it Majorca, a season and a reason,

To escape a life to try something new,

But you always be with you,

There is no escape from who you are,

Yet every turn and every twistis a chance ,

To build new bricks that shape who you become,

So much fun in one small space,

Until uncertainty flowed in.

Who am I and what just happened, memories come flooding in,

During this lunch of delicious cold soup,

Sprinkled with cubes of contentment,

Life just flashed before my tongue.

© jaxx sullivan 2023 all rights reserved

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