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jaxx sullivan

6 August 2023

Heart races, blood pumps

It never fails, the reminder

Traveling back in time

How can it be Sunday morning

An engraved morning after

The last night before

Alone at home

Why did he take it

Was it the only way to get out

To clear the fog

Time stood still

Everything was nothing

Overflowing with emptiness

No answers, never knowing


We sing sing sing

Travis traverses

My heart, my head

Taken to a place

Did he really want to go

Lives wasted by confusion, an illusion

Inside the space, above,

Shouldering too much

Don’t stay too long

Shift inwards to feel

From dense fogs

To bright clearings

Through the heart and soul

Meander and move

Be the strength to carry on

The answer always lay within

Speak to me, my, I, us, you,

And find the one

I love the most inside

Of me, my, I, us, you

Strength, © jaxx sullivan

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