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jaxx sullivan

30 May 2023

From children to not so grown up

Years came and went

Like rubber bands

Stretched apart, pinging back


Together but never united

Too young inside

I didn’t know

How to get what I want


Enveloped in a haze

Feeling misunderstood

Pushed deep under

Confused in a daze


A silly wee girl

Desperate and needy

Terrified to ask

Muted by the fear, no


Could he like me

For who I am

I don’t love what I see

That little girl, looking back at me


Who was I then

Faded and jaded

Lost in the fog

A distant cloud of a love that was lost


Wondering what

Might have been

If only I’d tried

To say how I feel.

© jaxx sullivan 2023 all rights reserved

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