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She Saw It

jaxx sullivan

5 Jun 2023

Flash Fiction

The end of day school bell rang and Annie couldn't wait to go home to show off her painting.

"Look look! It's you, me and mummy, daddy!"

Her dad looked at the picture and started laughing, "you made your mum look like a witch! Well done. No art school for you honey." He sneered and goes back to scrolling on his phone.

Annie looked at the picture, "she's not a witch daddy. It's my mummy."

15 years later, Annie's on a first date with a guy who is ridiculing someone's choice of outfit in the coffee shop.

She looks at him, her heart sinking, but so pleased she has seen it. She checks her watch, "I've got life drawing class to go to. Thanks for the coffee. And the insight. Good luck with the dating."

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