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jaxx sullivan

29 Sept 2023

Flash Fiction

Selina jumped up onto the sofa after a day at school, “mum, where’s my dad?” At the tender age of seven she noticed her family wasn’t like other girls and boys in her class.


“Oh, he’s gone,” mum wasn’t sure what to say. She hadn’t really thought about how to tackle this question.


Selina looked at her, “gone? Where? Will he be back?”


“I don’t know honey. Do you want some Creamola Foam and your 10p mixture? A special treat because you’re such a good girl.”


Selina nodded her head slowly, “ok”, was all she could manage as she sooked up the sourness of being dismissed, her innocent enquiry left hanging in the air, in her mind and heart a heavy weight that would sit inside her, dragging her down, heavy, a cute little kitten tied up in a bag and thrown into the water with boulders, left to drown. Why did he throw her away?

by jaxx sullivan ©

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