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In 2021 I started writing a short story about changing the world. It morphed into what will be my first fictional novel. Find out more below.

Image by Martha Dominguez de Gouveia

Olivia Miller is a self-made, successful businesswoman with a global chain of boutique hotels. She has everything she thought she wanted – a yacht moored in Ibiza, a private villa in the Maldives and a life that was laced with all-night parties, debauchery and glamour. Until one day she realises that life is gone and she’s alone. Reaching the pinnacle opening of her hotel business isn’t quite what she thought it would feel like, and instead, it shines a light on her self-centred lifestyle.


To add fuel to her fire, Liv suffers a devastating loss that catapults her into deep grief. But from pain comes awakening and finally, at 39, and with the help of a few chosen individuals, Liv finds herself opening up to an exploration of her childhood and discovering her true Self. What Liv doesn’t know is those chosen individuals are part of a Team who are working behind the scenes to bring peace and prosperity to the world and Liv Miller has been carefully selected to help them with their mission.


Will she connect to her true inner being and join the Team? And will she find the love she has always wanted and needed…the love for her Self?

Prepare to dive deep into Liv's path of Self-growth, awakening, spirituality, childhood, parenting, emotional growth, as well as her discovery of world-issues like environmental pollution, 'Agent Orange', and a turning point in the history of the global monetary system.


This is a story of hope and a vision for better world - a world with peace and prosperity.

'A modern-day Scrooge and an antidote to 1984'

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